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Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases in a lifetime. It is essential to have an committed agent in your corner, always looking out for your best interest. A buyer agent’s fiduciary responsibility is to represent the buyer and to ensure that they are protected.

After all, a seller has someone in their corner. A listing agent has an allegiance to the seller (this includes builder agents). Their goal is to get the seller top dollar for their home. There is incredible value in having someone working for YOUR best interests when buying a home.


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Get Pre-approved. Contact a lender for pre-approval and determine your budget. 

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Let’s connect! Schedule a call with me to discuss your timeline and all the details.


Let’s start shopping! I’ll set you up on a MLS search to be the first to see all new homes hitting the market. I’ll also use my connections to find any off-market opportunities that may fit your needs.


Time to make an offer! We’ll work together to submit an offer that works for you AND is appealing to the sellers. 


Congrats! You’re under contract! I’ll keep you on a timeline to make sure we get all inspections done and any contingencies completed. 


Closing day! I’ll be there for the final walkthrough and all the way up to the closing table and beyond. 

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As a realtor, I have access to the entire MLS system and can set up a search just for you that will send you updates as soon as anything new hits the market. 

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Have Questions About Buying?

Check out our FAQs for buying real estate in Northeast Georgia.

Call your buyer’s agent: the agent you are working with to find your home. It’s best that you workwith one real estate agent throughout your search because that person learns what you like anddislike and will invest a lot of time vetting properties for you. That person also represents your best interests only. When you call the agent advertising the home, you are dealing with the seller’s agent, so, while they can assist you, they are also trying to get the best price for the seller.

When you find the property you want to make an offer on, I will run a Comparative Market Analysis(CMA) to help you determine a fair offer amount. I will also guide you through the additional termsof the contract, such as the escrow amount, closing date, and any additional terms you want to beadded to the offer. I will write the offer on a contract form and submit it to the seller’s agent.

Earnest money, escrow deposit, or good faith deposit is money that is offered with an offer, or as soon as an offer is accepted, to show the seller that you are serious about moving forward with the purchase of the home. Because you forfeit this deposit if you back out of the purchase for anyreason not allowed for in the contract, the larger the escrow deposit, the more seriously your offer is taken.

 While often used interchangeably, these terms don’t mean the same thing. Pre-qualification is an estimate of what you may be approved for based only on the verbal information you provide. Pre-approval means the lender has verified your income and debt information and run a credit check.

When you have the keys! When you are financing your purchase, it takes four to six weeks for your loan to be processed. Once the lender gives the all-clear, closing is scheduled. You will sign your loan documents and both parties will sign documents transferring ownership to you. Unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by both parties, the sellers should have completely vacated the home when they sign the closing papers. You can have your belongings ready to move, and a moving company scheduled before you go to closing. At closing, you will receive the documentation you need to provide utility companies with proof of your new residence.

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